About Spondylosis. Spondylosis is a condition in which there is abnormal wear on the spine's vertebrae and the discs between them. Cervical spondylosis occurs. Osteoarthritis of the spine, also known as spinal osteoarthritis or spinal degenerative joint disease, is a form of osteoarthritis that affects the spine. Complex spinal disorders are fractures, tumors, infections, and diseases that affect spine stability. The University of Miami Health System offers the. Facet joint syndrome is an arthritis-like condition of the spine that can be a significant source of back and neck pain. It is caused by degenerative changes to. Cervical spine disorders are injuries or diseases that affect the bones and soft tissues in the neck. Find out the latest therapies available at the.

Diseases & Conditions. Spine Basics. Related Media. Diseases & Conditions. Anatomy of the Spine. video. Understanding your spine and how it works can help you. Common spine disorders · Diseases that affect the spine · Facet arthropathy · Neck pain · Cervicobrachial syndrome · Narrow cervical canal · Narrow lumbar canal. What is a spine disorder? · Radiculopathy · Sciatica · Ruptured (or herniated) disc · Spinal stenosis · Spondylolysis · Spondylolisthesis · Osteoarthritis of. Spine Disorders. This page provides an overview of spinal anatomy, a quick glossary, a description of symptoms that prompt evaluation by a neurosurgeon, and. Diseases & Conditions · Arthritis/Osteoarthritis · Osteoarthritis · Degenerative Disc Disease · Facet Disease · Spinal Stenosis · Foraminal Stenosis · Sacroiliac Joint. Degenerative Spine Disease · Spinal osteoarthritis · Degenerative disc disease · Spondylolisthesis · Bone spurs · Spinal stenosis · Foraminal stenosis · Pinched. While some people are born with spine disorders, common causes for spine disorders include accidents or falls, cognitive disorders, inflammation, infections. Herniated discs: This is one of the most common deteriorating spine conditions, and it can occur due to aging or an injury. Herniated discs happen when the. JOI describes the various diseases associated with the spine. Herniated disks, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and low back pain. Learn about this inflammatory disease that can cause some of the vertebrae in the spine to fuse over time. Advanced Care and Treatment of Scoliosis and Spinal Curvature Disorders · Kyphosis — An abnormally rounded upper back · Lordosis (swayback) — An inward curve at.

Another rare disease we'd like to highlight is Transverse myelitis, which is a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. Transverse. Spinal disorders · Ankylosing spondylitis · Back injuries · Back pain · Neck pain · Sciatica · Scoliosis · Spina bifida · Spinal disc problems. Problems with. Disorders of the Spine · Ankylosing spondylitis · Back pain · Basilar invagination, basilar impression, and cranial settling · Chronic spine and back pain. Congenital scoliosis · Early-onset scoliosis · Idiopathic scoliosis · Kyphosis, including Scheuermann disease and postural kyphosis; Neuromuscular scoliosis. What are degenerative spine conditions? · Slipped or herniated discs · Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal · Osteoarthritis, or breakdown of the. 10 Common Spine Injuries and Disorders · 1. Scoliosis. Scoliosis occurs when a person has a sideways curvature in their spine. · 2. Paraplegia · 3. Tetraplegia. Commonly Treated Conditions · Back and Neck Pain · Herniated Discs · Degenerative Disc Disease · Pinched Nerve · Spinal Stenosis · Scoliosis · Spinal Trauma &. Common degenerative conditions of the spine may include arthritis, stenosis, slipped or herniated discs, and radiculopathy or pinched nerves, also known as. Category of Impairments, Musculoskeletal ; Disorders of the skeletal spine resulting in compromise of a nerve root(s) ; Lumbar spinal stenosis.

Low Back Pain · Sciatica · Radiculopathy · Lumbar Disk Disease · Cervical Disk Rupture · Spinal Stenosis · Degenerative Disk Disease · Arthritis of the Spine. Conditions we treat in the spine disorders specialty at Columbia Neurosurgery. Degenerative spine and disc conditions: · Arthritis · Cervical Spine Myelopathy · Degenerative Disc Disease · Herniated Disc(s) · Intervertebral Disc Disease. Spondylolisthesis · Spinal Stenosis · Sciatica · Ruptured Disc/Bulging Disc/”Slipped Disc” · Radiculopathy · Spinal Instability · Degenerative Disc Disease · Scoliosis. Common spine disorders · Diseases that affect the spine · Facet arthropathy · Neck pain · Cervicobrachial syndrome · Narrow cervical canal · Narrow lumbar canal.

Why Choose NeuroSpine? · Minimally invasive surgeries to remove and repair herniated discs · Spinal fusions including single level, multi-level, scoliosis. Spinal Disorders: Spinal disorder related back pain is presented at more than 12 million healthcare provider office visits each year.

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