Shake definition: To clasp (hands) in greeting or leave-taking or as a sign of agreement. SHAKE definition: 1. to make quick, short movements from side to side or up and down, or to make something or someone. Learn more. shake · to move or sway with short, quick, irregular vibratory movements. · Pathologyto tremble with emotion, cold, etc. · to become dislodged and fall (usually. our story · product culture · order · menu · locations · join the team · be a licensee. bring shake smart to your campus. our differentiators. shake · shakeshake1 /ʃeɪk/ ○○○ S3 W2 verb (past tense shook /ʃʊk/, past participle shaken /ˈʃeɪkən/) · 1 move [intransitive, transitive]SHAKE to move.

Shaking definition: the act of a person or thing that shakes.. See examples of SHAKING used in a sentence. Only valid on ASAP delivery orders placed on or the Steak 'n Shake app from participating U.S locations. Minimum $7 purchase required for. SHAKE meaning: 1: to move sometimes violently back and forth or up and down with short, quick movements; 2: to move or have parts of your body move in. Indicative ; presentiAlso known as: present simple or simple present · shake · shakes ; simple pastiAlso known as: past simple or preterit · shook · shook ; future. shake. The loose marijuana in the bottom of any bag you might buy. It's mostly stems and seeds. "It was mostly shake, but it still got me really high." "Damn, I. A shake is an informal metric unit of time equal to 10 nanoseconds, or 10−8 seconds. It was originally coined for use in nuclear physics, helping to. Synonyms for SHAKE: shudder, jerk, vibrate, tremble, quiver, shiver, sway, jiggle; Antonyms of SHAKE: accept, seek, pursue, welcome, embrace, catch, incur. Gluten free & dairy free plant based protein shakes with all 9 essential amino acids. Low carb & sugar and contain an excellent source of fiber. Nutritional Facts: Serving size 1 shake, which is milliliters. Calories. Vitamin D 4 micrograms which is 20% of the daily value. Calcium The original motivation behind the creation of Shake was to allow rules to discover additional dependencies after running previous rules, allowing the build. shake | B views. Watch the latest videos about #shake on TikTok.

Shake brings back dating and saves you time. Browse dates and people in your area from our exclusive community of % verified users. shake, agitate, rock, convulse mean to move up and down or to and fro with some violence. shake often carries a further implication of a particular purpose. object/building/person The ground began to shake. He shook the blankets vigorously to get rid of the dust. Shake the pan gently to settle the contents. She. Shake is the small pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds that gather at the bottom of your stash. Learn more about shake from Leafly. shake · convulse · disturb · jolt · rattle · rock · roil · shudder · sway · swing · upset · wave. Strong matches. agitate · brandish · bump · chatter. McDonald's Sweets & Treats can satisfy any sweet craving. Grab a McFlurry®, Apple Pie or McDonald's Shake with Mobile Order & Pay! People edit · Shake (singer) (Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad), Malaysian singer · Xie Keyin (born ), Chinese singer, rapper and songwriter known as Shaking · Shake. K Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Shake Shack (@shakeshack). Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Shake Shack. Download Shake Shack and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad.

Meal Replacement Shakes · 21x Variety Shakes Bundle · 21x Classic Shake Bundle · Variety Shake Box – 7 Meals · Strawberry Shake · Strawberry Shake - 7 Meals. grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract). synonyms: handclasp, handshake, handshaking. shake 1. to move with short, quick, vibratory movements. 2. to tremble with emotion, cold, etc. 3. to become dislodged and fall (often fol. by off). 4. to. Explore For Goodness Shakes range of great-tasting and high-quality protein shakes, shots and powders to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our newest shake features NUTTER BUTTER® crumbles blended with world-famous DQ® soft serve, complete with whipped topping.

Shake It Up. Cece Jones and Rocky Blue are two ambitious pre-teen girls growing up in Chicago with the dream of becoming professional dancers. They get the. Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake - Plant-Based Protein Powder One and done. Each scoop is packed with more tasty benefits than you can shake a shaker cup at. Contact Shake Station in Ellenton, FL at to order today.

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